While the last season of “Game of Thrones” will be released in a month (and available exclusively from the April 15, OCS), we met Iain Glen, interpreter of Jorah Mormont, who has teasé a conclusion absolutely masterful… HBO In less than a month, the world will begin to discover the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. But by then, only a few people know what it will look like the conclusion of the long-awaited popular series. Among these privileged few, bound to secrecy is Iain Glen, interpreter of Jorah Mormont from the very first season, we were able to meet in London in February last, and who heaps praise on the finale of Game of Thrones. When asked what were his first reactions when he discovered the script of this last season, here’s what were its words : “I just told (…) that they had written scenarios to be even better than usual. It is such a responsibility to know that all the world is waiting for this end, the resolution of this series extraordinary. But I think since about two years, they knew where they wanted to go. And they have not changed their course. We had to put a lot of pressure to continue, because the success was enormous, but they knew where they were going, to such a point that they knew the exact number of episodes. They wanted to make 6 and not 10. (…)” “They have beautifully crafted episodes. They came to the end of this headache that was to guide the characters to their own conclusions while sowing a multitude of question marks over the future of this world after these resolutions took place.” HBO Game of Thrones : check out the amazing reaction of Emilia Clarke when she read the script of season 8 In fact, given the number of characters present for this last act, and having regard to the number of plots still to unravel, one is entitled to wonder if some of the characters of the series are not going to be a little neglected for the benefit of the principal during these last 6 episodes. If such was your concern, be reassured. On this point also, Iain Glen promises a outcome exceptional : “Each character makes its voice heard, everyone has the right to his plot personal, none is overlooked, and each of them stands out from the crowd. It’s part of the genius of their writing. I probably already mentioned, but this comes from the incredible imagination of George R. R. Martin. It is what made Game of Thrones also great. You start with this hardware, and then you add writers perfect, who have attempted to condense and transform this into a scenario. For me, these last 6 episodes are probably the 6 best that they have ever written. These are scripts that are sensational.” Once we know everything, we say, necessarily, that the 30 days that separate us from this past season are going to be endless. Courage, therefore, and see you in a month, exclusively on OCS as early as 15 April. The complete series is also available on demand on the OCS.

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